Frequently Asked Questions


       Q.  I am new to laying horses and do not have a betting exchange account how do I open one?

 A.  Simply navigate back to the Home Page and click on either banner for Betfair or Betdaq, these links will allow you to open an account. Our advice would be to open a Betfair account if you intend to lay to large stakes or open a Smarkets account if you intend on laying to smaller stakes as the commission rates on Betfair are between 5%-2% and for Smarkets it is only a flat rate of 2% commission, the liquidity is now very strong on the Smarkets website.


Q. Can I really make money laying horses following your service advice? 

A. Yes you can and we believe that by joining our service you can make substantial profits by laying horses that are blindly negative to the naked eye.


Q. Is joining Lay Horses a gamble or an investment?

A. We honestly believe it is an investment and not a gamble and should therefore be treated as a long term investment.


Q. On your home page you quote figures and profits commencing from a starting bank of £10,000 do I need this amount to start?

A. No, obviously that is an example of profit had you commenced with a starting bank of £10,000 at the begining of this year. Members should start with a starting bank that suits their level of investment.


Q. Upon joining the service how do I receive the lay bets?

A. Members can access the Lay Bets by accessing the Members Area on the website.


Q. Is it a straight forward name of horse and away you go type of service.

A. Certainly not! Each lay bet advice will come with a simple set of instructions to follow, these instructions are not complex yet are most important.


Q. Is there a staking plan involved?

A. All lay bets are advised to level stakes yet at the point of a bank target profit achieved the stakes increase. Members are notified of how the staking plan works upon membership.


Q. Are the lay bets on favourites and short prices only?

A. Mainly, although the lay bets are a blend of prices although we do not advise large double digit lays. This may come as a surprise to some although please bear in mind that our service is a tried and tested formula of generating monthly profits


Q. Why is there a Freephone number on the website?

A. The Freephone number provides all of our LAY BETS on a try beforeyou buy basis for the price of a PRS call. Our line is updated from 11am on a daily basis.