Genuine Racing Information

We have all heard the term Genuine Racing Information so what does this term actually mean? For most it would mean good honest information passed down from those in the know which is a fair assumption of the term. The adjective meaning of the word genuine is 'true' ie. truely what something is said to be 'authentic' and it's the authenticity of the information that is the crucial factor when laying race horses to lose.

Laying blind is why the vast majority of layers on betting exchanges fail in the long run to achieve long term profits. They lay short priced favourites simply because they are a short price or indeed the favourite. Some times they lay on hunches or because the form figures may not look appealing. Our advice would be not to bet or lay horses at all if you do not have access to Genuine Racing Information as in the long run guess work is sure to end with a predicable financial deficite.

There are many factors to consider before laying a horse to lose and it's the all important factors such as fitness, training problems, ground and distance dependancies combined with being fully in the know (Genuine Racing Information) that gives the Lay Horses team a huge edge as professional layers. In order for a horse to be accepted as a lay bet the price would need to be under estimated ie. a shorter price than we believe it should be trading at. As an example we made hold valuable information concerning a horse which is trading at 7-4 that has missed plenty of recent work due to slight training niggles, hangs to one side due to unsuitable ground, is very keen in its homework and todays slow pace is unlikely to suit, is running today with another race in mind at a later date. The list is long in why there maybe reasons in opposing certain horses. However, by constantly laying horses with these slight negatives we do in the long run make laying horses very lucrative.    




The obvious difference between laying horses on the Flat and All Weather compared to National Hunt is obstacles ie. Fences and Hurdles. Our own reseach has proven that laying horses on the Flat is slightly more profitable than laying horses on the Natioanl Hunt scene. However, the real gold from our own experience would appear to be on the All Weather which has proven to be very lucrative especially during the winter months.